Dreams Achieved

Derrick came from an average high school and was a top academic student but did not have many extracurricular activities. Derrick began working with us as a Junior to improve his extracurricular involvements. After working to revamp what he did outside of the classroom, Derrick was able to secure admissions into several UC & CSU campuses. He was thrilled to be admitted to his dream school and program, at UCSD, majoring in Civil Engineering. Even now he sustains the same advice and has countless extracurriculars and internships in college to secure future employment as an engineer. 

Overcoming Injury

Sam came from a competitive high school and was a top student athlete until getting injured in her Senior year. Using that challenge as a tool, she focused on  developing her college applications. One thing Sam knew for certain was that she wanted to study in San Diego, California. After diligent research and writing support we were able to help her gain admissions to all of the schools she applied to in the area; San Diego State University, UC San Diego, and the University of San Diego. Sam ultimately decided to attend the University of San Diego with extensive merit based scholarships.

College for All

Tam was an average student academically. By her senior year, she had a 2.9 GPA and needed the first semester of her senior year to push her over the 3.0 GPA threshold. Without improving her GPA, she couldn't be admitted into many schools on her college list and needed to identify schools that would consider 7th-semester grades (first semester of senior year). After working with our team, Tam identified a great school and  gained admission into a well-known HBCU with a scholarship.

Merit Scholarship Winner

Angie wanted guidance on how to spend her summer after 11th grade. She had an extremely supportive family (parents often participated in counseling sessions). Angie started her counseling process early Spring of 11th grade, with great academics and significant extracurriculars already completed.  She was an extremely organized student and completed all applications well before deadlines. Angie wanted to be a Computer Science major, and had strong math & science grades, good but not great major related activities, and was an accomplished dancer. Angie was admitted to 7 UCs, USC, Cornell, and Carnegie Mellon. She decided to attend UC Berkeley where she was awarded a Merit Scholarship.

Focused Goals

Hanna was a quiet student. We had some interaction with her parents during counseling sessions. Hanna had okay grades and only a few extracurricular activities. Hanna was looking for college application support and started with us at the beginning of senior year. After a few sessions Hanna quickly decided she wanted to apply as Early Decision to Santa Clara University. We also submitted several CSU & UC applications as back up options. Hanna was admitted to Santa Clara University majoring in Computer Science.

Persistence Pays Off

Kalani was a strong student through his junior year where he received mostly A's and then a few B's and scored reasonably well on college entrance exams. Kalani then dropped the ball the second semester of his Junior year and finished with all D's and F's. Most of the counselors at his high school wrote to him and said that he had utterly blown his chances of getting into any reputable university. Our staff strategically planned the road map to remedy his grades to still be a competitive college applicant. After working with us Kalani gained admission into his top college choice, along with many other schools he applied to.

Setting & Meeting Goals

Steph came from a low achieving school and had low grades and few extracurriculars. Although she was able to gain admission into a local CSU, Steph's’ ultimate goal was to attend UC Santa Barbara to study Business Administration. While meeting since the beginning of her Senior year we identified the best way to make her dream school a reality. Two years later Steph went from barely graduating high school to graduating at the top of her community college class with honors for her AA in Business Administration. Steph then gained admission to each school she applied to transfer to, including UC Santa Barbara with a $10,000 yearly merit scholarship.

Alternate Path

Merve was a transfer student with decent community college grades in Computer Science and an amazing set of extracurriculars that demonstrated innovation and leadership. The previous year before working with us she applied to transfer to top ranked universities but unfortunately was not admitted. After helping her increase her academic competitiveness and improving the presentation of her extracurriculars, her improved application profile helped her gain admission to all of the UCs and CSU’s she applied to.

2nd Chances Happen

Chloe, like many students, applied to top-tier schools without a proper game plan. Chloe found herself rejected from all the schools she'd applied to for admission on her own for two significant reasons; (1) she hadn't created a balanced college list and (2) she didn't report out her activities with impact. We helped Chloe rewrite her applications in ways that honored and highlighted her academic and non academic achievements. With an improved application profile, Chole was admitted to her top choice college, Loyola Marymount University.

Decisions, Decisions

Terri started counseling services in the Spring of 11th grade. Terri did not follow the advice given to participate in summer programs related to her potential major (decided to get a part time job at Starbucks instead).  Overall her grades were good and she had a variety of extracurriculars. Terri applied to a variety of majors – some Cognitive Sciences and various Business Administration concentrations. Terri was accepted into nearly half of all applied schools (7 of 16) but was denied to all reach schools. Terri was admitted to Cal Poly SLO, UC Irvine, UICU, University of Washington and ultimately decided to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

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