Academic Advisor – Helps student select classes each semester, answer questions about degree requirements, and provide general academic guidance.

Academic Probation – A warning that students need to improve academic performance; generally assigned to students who fall below a 2.0 GPA.

Accredited – Certification by a regional or specialty / professional organization that ensures colleges are adhering to academic standards.

ACT – College entrance exam colleges may use to a way to gage student academic performance in high school.

Add/Drop Period – Short time frame at the start of each semester where students can add or drop classes with no extra fees or penalty.

AP Course – Advanced Placement course to prepare students for AP exam to earn college credits while in high school.

AP Exam – Exam which can earn students college credit if passed with a score of 3,4 or 5 (application of credits vary by college).

Associate’s Degree – Two year degree usually earned at a Community College.

Audit – Option to take a class but not earn a grade.

Bachelor’s Degree – Four year degree earned at a university or college.

Bachelor of Arts Degree – Emphasis in coursework in humanities/social sciences/liberal arts. 

Bachelor of Science Degree – Emphasis in coursework in the sciences. 

Career Services – Provides guidance and services to students while in college to find jobs or internships; provide assistance in employment after college.

Co-ed – Term to indicate a mix of genders.

Co-Requisite - a course that may or must be taken at the same time as another course.  

College Fair – Event where multiple colleges provide information on campus programs and services.

Community College – Usually a local town college that offers courses to prepare to transfer to a 4 year college, earn an Associate’s Degree, earn a professional / vocational certificate, or take courses for personal development.

Commuter – A student who lives off campus and commutes each day to and from school.

Concurrent Enrollment – Enrolling at multiple institutions at once, i.e. a high school student taking a class at a local community college.

Credit Hour -  Each course is assigned a certain number of credit hours, usually corresponding to number of hours spent in class each week. 

Defer Enrollment – Postponing an offer of admission to a later date.

Doctorate Degree – A terminal or professional degree in a subject matter (PhD – Academic Degree, EdD  Educational Degree, JD – Juris Doctor (law degree), MD (Medical Doctor), PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy)

College Terms

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